Customer FAQ


General Questions

Q: Why Double Envelope? What makes you different from other suppliers?
A: We believe that the envelope should be designed to meet and match your needs…not the other way around. Rather than try to make your forms and materials fit into some standard template, we will design the envelope to exactly meet the demands of your operation…from unsurpassed manufacturing and print quality to inserting productivity and strict adherence to Postal regulations, we will ensure that all your envelopes perform with maximum efficiency. Our commitment is to help you lower your overall cost of mailing and envelope usage.

Q: What kinds of envelopes can you provide me?
A: We are able to provide virtually any type of envelope your needs might require. Please see our Capabilities section for a complete list of what we can provide. We also provide a full line of heat-set, in-line finishing web printed products for the catalog and publishing industries through our Convertagraphics division. In short, if you need an envelope product, odds are Double Envelope has the solution.

Q: Do you have minimum and maximum order quantities?
A: We can fulfill orders for as little as one carton, or for multiple millions.

Q: Is my company too small or too big for Double Envelope to service?
A: Double Envelope is the third Largest envelope manufacturer in the U.S. However, our multiple plants and local envelope specialists allow us to provide the same level of quality and service to all our customers…whether you order just once or twice per year, or order hundreds of millions of envelopes per year. In either instance, Double Envelope has you covered.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Double Envelope has four strategically located facilities, located in Roanoke, VA, Gainesville, FL, Baltimore, MD, and Angola, IN

Q: What are your hours?
A: Our offices operate on a schedule of 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM local time, Monday - Friday


Quotes & Ordering

Q: How can I receive a quote from Double Envelope?
A: Simply click the Contact Us button to access a quote form, or to be put in contact with a Double Envelope Specialist.

Q: What information should I include to receive the most accurate quote?
A: In order to generate the most accurate estimate possible, we will need to know:

  • Envelope Size
  • Envelope Orientation (Open Side/Booklet, or Open End/Catalog)
  • Paper Substrate (e.g. 24# White Wove)
  • Window Size(s) and location(s) if applicable
  • Printing Specs…number of colors, color distribution (front, back, inside)
  • Printing method (Flexo vs. Offset)
  • Packaging (box and carton, bulk pack, or simply best pack)
  • Shipping destination zip code (if freight is to be included in the price)

Q: How do I measure an envelope?
A: Commercial (or Open Side) style envelopes’ measurements are always expressed as height x width. With the opening facing upward, measure vertically from the bottom to the top along the edge. This is the height. Then measure across the top from left to right. This is the width. As an example, a #10 envelope measures 4 1/8 (height) x 9 ½ (width). For an Open End (or Catalog) envelope, the measurements are expressed as width x height. For example, a 9x 12 Open End envelope would measure 9 inches across the top (or open) end, and 12 inches along the vertical side.

Q: How do I measure a window?
A: Window measurements are expressed as size, and location from the left edge and bottom. As an example, a "standard" window measures 1 1/8 x 4 1/2. The measurement from the window’s left edge to the left edge of the envelope is 7/8 inch. From the bottom of the window to the bottom edge of the envelope, the measurement is 1/2 inch. So, the size and location of a standard window would be expressed as 1 1/8 x 4 1/2, 7/8 Left, 1/2 Bottom. For a double window envelope, the measurements are taken the same way, but remember…it is critical to note not only the size of each window, but the location of each window from the left and bottom.

Q: What kind of printing art files can you accept?
A: We can accept files in all Graphics program formats. For simple print copy, a high-resolution pdf will usually suffice.

Q: How do I send my art to you?
A: Short answer…whatever is easiest for you. Many customers simply email their art to us. If the file is too large to email, you can upload it to your FTP site or to ours.



Q: Do you make environmentally-friendly envelopes?
A: Yes we do! In addition to recycled papers…from 0-100% PCW content…we can also provide SFI and FSC Certified papers, Recyclable Window Film and Wind Power Credits.

Q: What other "Green" products or services do you offer?
A: In an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, Double Envelope has designed a revolutionary packaging and shipping system that addresses waste from used cartons and pallets. Our unique packaging system eliminates the need to dispose of used cartons and pallets because they are recyclable! We pick up the empty cartons and pallets when we deliver your next order. And since these cartons are far stronger than typical envelope cartons, we can load up to 30% more envelopes on each pallet, reducing the number of shipments needed to supply your operation. And fewer shipments means a lower carbon footprint, and decreased energy consumption.

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